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Jonesboro city council to review ordinance change



Jonesboro, Arkansas – On Tuesday, May 31, the Jonesboro Nomination and Rules Committee called a special meeting, to discuss an ordinance adding two commissions to the list of commissions that can submit matters directly before the full council.

The committee unanimously agreed for the ordinance change to allow the Jonesboro A&P Commission and the PACE Commission to be added to the list.

According to Nomination and Rules Committee Chairman David McClain, this would help the two committees get approval to use funds and address other matters sooner rather than later.

“They’re giving money to nonprofit organizations most of the time to bring events to town if it’s DARE if it’s Treble Clef– those organizations, and try to bring people to town,” McClain said in regards to the need for the A&P Commission being added to the list.

Both commission typically recommends items before the council, so those who may have questions or comments prior about the items can attend city council meetings or the commission meetings, McClain said.