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Little Rock School District updates its fighting-related disciplinary guidelines



Little Rock, Arkansas – New disciplinary processes have been established by the board of education for the Little Rock School District.

They convened a special meeting on Thursday to talk about the modifications.

According to LRSD data, there were over 2,500 instances of fighting among students in grades 6 through 12. Threats against terrorists and physical assaults on employees were among them.

“Those infractions are something we have to get a handle on,” said Vicki Hatter, an LRSD board member.

The modifications would shorten the process through which the administration would reprimand a pupil for misbehaving.

“We are a restorative district. We have not gotten away from the desire to restore students,” said Frederick Fields, LRSD’s Student/Family Services Senior Director.

Some of those changes include:

• 1st offense for fighting would be 5 to 10 days suspension
• 2nd offense would be cause for expulsion or being placed in alternative learning

A student faces immediate expulsion or placement in alternative learning if they are found to be endangering the safety of others or committing a violent assault on staff.

In an effort to help parents comprehend the seriousness of the situation and potentially find a solution for the student, LRSD also changed the requirement that parents meet with staff.

Stricter sanctions against cyberbullying and group activities that lead to threats or violence were among the other modifications that were addressed.



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