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More than 200 families in NLR are connected with restaurant meals through an Arkansas food blogger



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Nearly three weeks have passed since the EF-3 tornado that wreaked havoc on multiple Central Arkansas cities. In the immediate aftermath, an Arkansas food blogger utilized his social media platform to connect residents of a North Little Rock neighborhood to eateries that could provide them with hot meals.

For The Mighty Rib, Kevin Stalin is a well-known culinary critic. He claimed that numerous establishments, including Cantina Laredo, Las Palmas, Chenal Country Club, and The Fold, contacted him. Stalin claimed that through his connections, a Nita from the Amboy neighborhood had mentioned that they would appreciate warm meals.

“When disaster happens the restaurant industry is one of the first to step up and they step up in full force, so this wasn’t a surprise at all to me,” he said.

Stalin said that more than 200 households were fed every day for six days. Each day, he claimed, a different establishment served food.

“You know how important just a simple meal can be to people that are going through such hard times,” Stalin said.

Stoby’s in Conway was another eatery that aided the neighborhood of North Little Rock. David Stobaugh, the proprietor, claimed that 100 barbecue sandwiches were distributed. He added that although they couldn’t observe who got the sandwiches, a couple did help distribute them.

“The couple that was distributing this food wanted to make sure that the people in the immediate neighborhood were taken care of,” Stobaugh said.

Stalin wished that his influence would be applied to something greater than himself.

“A lot of social media has such a negative connotation. I’ve always wanted to use mine for good, and frankly, it’s about food but it’s really about helping build community,” Stalin said.

Stalin reassured Nita that he is only a phone call away if more dinners are required.

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