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Mountain Home man arrested after breaking into home of murder suspect



Arkansas – Deputies with the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man after he reportedly broke into the home of a murder suspect.

According to a press release, the home is the house of Allison June Cunningham, a woman recently arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

A neighbor told deputies they kept an eye on the residence for several days.

On Dec. 23, deputies went to the home because of a break-in. Friday, authorities went back to the house after the neighbor found clothing and other items that had been on the couch on the floor instead.

The neighbor then checked under the house and reportedly found a hole going from under the house to the garage.

The neighbor then searched inside the home and found a man lying underneath one of the beds.

According to the press release, deputies then went inside and detained Lawrence J. Olson, 52.

Olson told deputies he was allowed to be inside the house and went inside to take a nap.

Deputies searched Olson and found “various articles of jewelry, debit cards, and many other items belonging to the homeowner.”

Authorities then spoke with Cunningham, who told them Olson did not have permission to be in her house or have her belongings.

Deputies arrested Olson and took him to the Baxter County Detention Center on residential burglary and theft of property charges.

He received a $25,000 bond.

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