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LR engages young people in history during National Park Week



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site hosted a unique program for young people in the state in observance of National Park Week, which is observed by over 400 national historic sites around the United States.

Youth were able to interact directly with history at the location.

Rebecca Hoffman discussed the value of learning about the past with visitors to the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.

“So important that young people understand our history so that we know where we come from. How far we have come. And how far we still have to go and also to make sure that the sacrifices of those who came before us are never in vein,” Hoffman said.

They invited young people of all ages to learn about the state’s Civil Rights history as well as the significance of National Parks generally.

“If you learn about history, you can make sure progress is being made forward from it,” Junior Ranger, Gracie Diggs said.

In addition to participating in civil rights education and selecting from drawings of notable historical characters, Junior Rangers also received limited-edition badges featuring the Little Rock Nine in commemoration of the historic site’s 25 years as an official National Park.

“Today was a surprise adventure,” Diggs said. “It can be a lot of fun to come to a museum and there’s fun stuff to do other than walking around and learning,” Diggs added.

Hoffman explained why they hope to engage young people with history.

“This history is so important for anyone to come and learn because it is a testament to strength, courage, opportunity, perseverance. What I like to remind people about little rock nine is that they we’re just kids who wanted to go to school, so it reminds us of the beauty and importance of education. And the fact that anyone can make a difference. It doesn’t matter how old you are,” Hoffman said.

Beginning with the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, which is 60 years old this summer, the Junior Ranger project will be carried out by the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.


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