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New Alzheimer’s medication given FDA approval



Little Rock, Arkansas – The FDA on Thursday approved Leqembi, a medication that slows the mental loss brought on by Alzheimer’s.

Mark Aloway, an Arkansan, has been anticipating this day for years.

“For my case, it was a shock,” Aloway said. “I was an A+ person. I’m maybe a D right now.”

Aloway was given a vascular mild cognitive impairment diagnosis three years ago. Since then, he has had increasing trouble remembering details like names and faces.

“My reading ability, I have to look up words I used to know,” Aloway said. “The biggest thing is just losing what I had.”

Someone in his family has before traveled this path. The degeneration of Aloway’s mother is further along.

Up until the FDA approved Leqembi, it was a grim reality.

“I was very excited,” Aloway said. “I’m the perfect person.”

It has been demonstrated that the medication can postpone the development of the disease by months by slowing memory loss and cognitive decline by almost 27%. It is intended for individuals who are just starting off.

It’s not just Aloway who anticipates this. This news excites Dr. Jeanne Wei as well, head of the Reynolds Institute on Aging at UAMS.

According to Wei, the most recent significant advance was made about 20 years ago.

“We’ve been waiting for something to come along,” Wei said. “I can tell you, everybody had been looking for it, and everybody is elated.”

Wei stated that assistance of any kind is beneficial. Leqembi may merely delay the degeneration, but this still means extra time to spend with loved ones.”A few months is huge,” Wei said. “That’s all we can say. This is just priceless.”

The aim is to facilitate access by covering a portion of the treatment’s cost, according to Medicare officials.

Aloway considers it to be a lifeline.

“If I can live long enough to watch my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids graduate from high school or college, that would be great,” Aloway said.

Visit the website of the Alzheimer’s Association Arkansas Chapter for more details on the disease and its treatment.


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