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Following major surgery, a child’s wish comes true



Jonesboro, Arkansas – On Sunday, Make-A-request fulfilled a four-year-old’s request.

Jessie Matthews is a fighter who has spent the majority of his life fighting his fights in a hospital ward.

“He was born with a kidney disease, as a matter of fact, he had zero function,” said Jimmie Lee, Jessie’s grandfather.

Jessie and his mother have traveled to Little Rock for dialysis several times.

“Even though he was going through that, he always is a happy child, even during that time. I mean, he always went through it like a trooper,” he said.

Lee claimed that Jessie wasn’t fighting by himself.

“When there is a sickness in the family, it affects the whole family,” he said.

At the expense of her career and her other children, Jessie’s mother made numerous visits to Little Rock. missing birthdays occasionally.

Jessie received a replacement kidney in April.

He received a surprise trip to Disney World on Sunday. The following day, his family was going to go for the enchanted amusement park.

“He’s always talked about it, he always [says] I gotta see the Mickey,” said Lee.

Jessie was also delighted to see Pete the Cat, one of his other favorite characters, during the fulfillment of his wish.

Lee claimed that whenever Jessie traveled to Little Rock for therapy, she frequently asked Pete the Cat for music.

It’s not just Jessie and his mother visiting Disney World. Lee claimed that his siblings also deserved the trip because they had made sacrifices over the years.

“She missed some birthday parties, she was unable to do it so what this will do is kind of replace some of that lost time,” said the grandfather.

Lee expressed his gratitude to Make-a-Wish and added that his visits to Little Rock had motivated him to work with the organization to grant the desires of other kids.

Lee claimed that while he is aware that Jessie fights every day, all he wants is for him to be a kid for the day.

“Anything I can do to make him happy just for today and that’s what this trip is going to do,” he said.


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