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This is how artificial intelligence is used in the City of Little Rock



Little Rock, Arkansas – Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. declared earlier this year that the city would soon employ artificial intelligence.

The mayor of Little Rock did not go into great detail on what artificial intelligence (AI) will entail for the community during his State of the City speech in February.

We are now examining his plan.

Hollywood has made AI one of its newest heroes—or maybe villains, depending on the context, like in Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning.

Marquis Willis, the chief data officer of Little Rock, clarified that reality differs from popular culture.

“When I say it’s as good as it’s programmer it means the individual doing the programming. Who’s doing the coding, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally creates errors in the code that create biases,” Willis described.

The City of Little Rock is starting to apply AI to accomplish two objectives: increasing operational efficiency and encouraging community involvement.

“Artificial intelligence is something as simple as using a chat feature on your phone or using text-to-talk options and things of that nature,” said Willis.

Since the LRPD’s real-time crime center is equipped with AI, the city has really been employing it for some time already.

There are license plate readers at the police department. The city’s cameras can be used to follow a suspects when they are being tracked. Artificial intelligence can search the entire region for the plate, identifying specific locations for officers to search.

According to Willis, the city has an internal task force examining resources and developing an action plan for the use of AI in the future.

This covers providing multilingual families with access to public meetings and round-the-clock assistance via the city website.

“A real-time chatbot feature, so that our residents could go in, put in their questions, and get real answers in real-time,” said Willis.

Willis stated that although they are just ideas on the chalkboard, money is needed to make them a reality. The city has been actively working on implementing additional AI technology, however, there is no set deadline for doing so.




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