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Conway’s updated 911 system now has text and video features



Conway, Arkansas – First responders have stated that the new 911 call system that the City of Conway is implementing on Wednesday is important for both the community and them.

With the help of Next Generation 911, first responders will be able to more accurately determine your location thanks to advanced location services, receive direct medical information from your phone, and have additional ways to request assistance, such as text or online. Additionally, first responders will be able to view the situation in real-time thanks to camera access.

Conway Police Officer Matthew Boyd expressed excitement about the system, which promises to respond to emergency calls more quickly and safely.

“Anytime we can get more information, it’s going to help us respond better,” Boyd said. “Our dispatchers can see if there are any traffic jams we’re unaware of to better route fire trucks, ambulances, and police response to situations.”

When assistance arrives, the new next-generation software might help them analyze the situation more accurately by assisting with the provision of first aid, ensuring the safety of the officers, and giving real-time data that Conway City Attorney Charles Finkenbinder could utilize in the event of criminal prosecution.

“There’s at least one case where a domestic violence victim was able to call 911 using Next Gen over Skype and was able to send video images of the injuries that she had,” Finkenbinder said. “They were not only able to tell how badly she was hurt, but also where she was in the house, like the exact location.”

Finkenbinder expects that more victims will contact 911 by text or Skype now that they have the option.

“There are cases where human trafficking victims have been able to make discreet phone calls using this internet protocol,” Finkenbinder said. “They might not have been able to use a traditional cell phone or landline to make the call safely.

According to Conway municipal officials, the Medical ID on Apple devices—which can be accessible through phone settings—requires voluntary sharing of health information with first responders.

The $100,000 system, according to the city, is an ordinary five-year improvement. On Wednesday, Conway will become one of the roughly fifty Arkansas locations that are already utilizing this updated technology.


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