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Stuttgart High School seniors happy weather didn’t ruin graduation



Stuttgart, Arkansas – This was the culmination of four years of arduous labor in the classroom for the graduates of Stuttgart High School.

“I feel like I made it,” Stuttgart graduate Kemauri Davis said.

There was concern for the students who were supposed to go across the stage and graduate on Friday due to the severe weather risk.

Mercifully, Stuttgart High School’s weather held up.

The Ned Moseley Football Stadium hosted the public SHS graduation ceremony; however, in the event of inclement weather, the ceremony would have taken place in the junior high school gymnasium.

This was a momentous day that many family members would have missed if there had been fewer seats in the gym.

“It’s great that God is watching us today,” a family member of a graduate said.

“We’re excited that it worked out and we can be outside, and everybody can come,” added another family.

Each graduate would only have received 12 tickets in the event of extreme weather, forcing many loved ones to watch online.

“I’m just happy to have my family here with me,” graduate Carson Sherman said.

“My family is big. 12 invites are not going to be enough,” graduate Kemauri Davis said, adding that he had more than 20 family members in attendance.

For the grads, selecting just 12 people to be present on the big day was a highly stressful task.
Mykeal Bradley, a fellow graduate, and Davis claimed they couldn’t have predicted who their twelve invitees would have been.

“It would have been a random 12 for me,” Bradley said.

Davis joked that his family’s ticket would have required them to play “rock, paper, scissors.”

“Congress certainly has the ability to clarify the gun show loophole,” Cummins said. “This doesn’t happen to some other hobbyist or collector.”

It is expected that the head of the ATF would address the entire House Judiciary Committee on May 23.

The Arkansas State Police were asked to investigate Malinowski’s shooting by an ATF agent.

They have already given their report to Pulaski County’s prosecutor, who will decide whether to file charges against ATF agents. The outcomes are still confidential.



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