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The attorney for Big Country Chateau explains why the utility companies weren’t paid



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Big Country Chateau apartments will be back in court on Friday.

Where is all the money, is the question at hand?

This covers rent arrears, utility back payments, and the reasons why repairs aren’t being done.

“We need the city, organizations, and everyone to step up to the plate,” Big Country Chateau tenant Hasaune Keri said.

Big Country Chateau’s owners’ lawyer Sylvester Smith explained to the judge why the property was in such bad shape.

“A major component of how we got here today… as of right now there’s nearly $300,000 in back rent owed to my client,” Smith said.

According to Smith, this had a domino effect and owners were left unable to for utilities and repairs.

“[It’s] kind of hard to keep the lights on when you’re not collecting enough revenue,” Smith said.

Big Country Chateau’s assets remained frozen by the judge. It did, however, lift the freeze on one related company.

Sal Thomas of Houston’s Tarantino Properties will be chosen by the judge to serve as the receiver for the property and its funds.

Smith admitted to us that he is unsure of the amount owed to the power companies.

The City of Little Rock is currently assisting renters with moving out of the apartments.

On February 13, the city will appear in court for a different matter and present the judge with the findings of its inspections this week.

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