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The closing of Cloverdale Middle School after this academic year is marked by memorable celebrations



Little Rock, Arkansas – As many schools conclude their first week of classes, a school within the Little Rock School District has just wrapped up its final “first week” ever, as the district is preparing to construct a new, state-of-the-art academy for the upcoming school year.

The new school building, known as the Marion G Lacey K-8 Academy, is a celebration of the school’s history. This marks the final year for Cloverdale Middle School, as the district is gearing up to construct a modern school facility for the following year.

Wanda Ruffins assumed the role of principal at Cloverdale Middle School in 2013. She noted that the school was established in the 1950s and carries numerous memories for various individuals. Alumni and retired teachers returned to assist with the initial week of classes, a testament to the familial atmosphere they’ve fostered.

Ruffins emphasized the unique bond within the Cloverdale community, stating, “We have this saying at Cloverdale, once a part of the Cloverdale family, always a part of the Cloverdale family.”

On the final day of this era, many individuals associated with Cloverdale Cubs gathered to commemorate the conclusion of this chapter. Ruffins shared that she plans to retire after this academic year. Currently, the school accommodates more than 600 students and employs around 90 staff members. Despite the sadness some may feel about the transition, Ruffins highlighted the potential for new opportunities.

She emphasized, “Let’s not lose sight of the fact that our students will be gaining opportunities.”

An 8th grader named Morgan Crawford illustrated the power of positive change. After joining the school’s Civil Air Patrol program, she discovered her aspirations for the future. She explained, “I want to start off after high school go straight to the Air Force and after the Air Force I’m going to go to college and nursing school and be a nurse practitioner.”
Ruffins recognized that many people hold cherished memories of Cloverdale. Laverne Goldsby, a retired teacher who started working at the school in the 1980s, retired specifically for this farewell. She expressed, “This is just a part of me, my whole body, my being, my working is Cloverdale.”

Marcus Davis, a former coach, also returned to the school. He acknowledged that the memories he has accumulated will last a lifetime. “I’ve been here for 33 years. I came in 1987 and this gymnasium is named in my honor. I’m just so grateful and thankful to have that be done,” Davis shared.

For Crawford, although this week brought mixed emotions, she felt grateful for the presence of familiar faces. She remarked, “It’s very exciting and emotional all at once, but I’m happy I get to spend it with people who have literally seen me grow up and mature.”


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