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The NLR School District holds a school choice showcase fair



Little Rock, Arkansas – This past weekend, in celebration of School Choice season, the North Little Rock School District sponsored its first showcase fair.

K–12 students in Arkansas have the choice to attend schools outside of their residential district thanks to the state’s School Choice program.

Even though January marks National School Choice Week, students can choose to partake in this alternative education from January through May each year.

Numerous people traveled to North Little Rock High School to speak with supervisors, deans, and instructors.

“They may be coming maybe from some other schools, and just gives us a great opportunity that one on one personalization as we strive for greater service and hospitality to those individuals that we serve,” NLR Superintendent, Dr. Gregory Pilewski, said.

To best represent their area, each school in the district set up a table with appropriate objects. One former student of North Little Rock who is now a principal gave her opinions on the district as a whole.

“We really are on the road to making great games. I see a lot of positive changes and a lot of positive going on in our schools, and we’re putting kids first,” Lakewood Elementary Principal, Cortney Bost, said.

The district said they intend to hold this event every year and hold more exhibitions all through the academic year.

“One of the greatest things about our communities… We’re a diverse community. We’re a school system that is on the rise and just is filled with a variety of individuals that are committed to the education a high-quality education of every single child,” Pilewski said.

The superintendent claims that even though the North Little Rock School District already has over 7,000 children enrolled, they are prepared to accept as many new students as they can.

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