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Walmart invests in renewable energy



Little Rock, Arkansas — On Wednesday, Walmart announced it is testing three different kinds of renewable energy to power its fleet. The retailer did not reveal costs or project timelines, but it did say it was taking advantage of tax credits with each deal.

Saving energy and reducing emissions is a key goal for Walmart which runs the largest U.S. private trucking fleet with more than 10,000 tractors and 80,000 trailers operated by 12,000 drivers.

About eight months ago, Fernando Cortez, senior vice president of transportation at Walmart, joined the retailer.

Walmart is in the early stages of transitioning its trucking fleet to 100% renewable energy by 2040, he said.

On Wednesday, the partnerships announced include test projects using electric, hydrogen, and natural gas in the place of diesel for long haul and other Class 8 deliveries within Walmart’s supply chain.

According to Cortez, 24% of Walmart’s total greenhouse emissions are a result of its Class 8 trucking fleet.

“We know transforming our transportation fleet is not as simple as flipping a switch, but that doesn’t mean we’re sitting idle. Today I’m excited to share more about our zero-emissions transportation strategy and announce a series of collaborations and pilots. Many of these initiatives are first-of-their-kind for Walmart and will be pivotal in moving us towards a zero-emissions future while being instructive to the entire transportation industry,” Cortez said.

According to Cortez, natural gas engines have a comparable range to diesel engines of around 700 miles, which makes them a potential fit for Walmart sleeper cabs, and can produce tangible emissions benefits that compound whenever powered by renewable natural gas (RNG) or RNG-linked fuel.


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