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Arkansas celebrates Epiphany by appointing its first black diocesan bishop in history



Little Rock, Arkansas – This past weekend was a unique occasion for religious communities worldwide, as well as in our state when a local bishop made history by participating in the Epiphany celebration.

In keeping with today being the first day of the Epiphany, Bishop John Harmon was consecrated as the first black diocesan bishop in Arkansas.

“I look forward to serving with all those who are here and I pray that god will bless our work together and that we’ll grow in strength and courage,” Harmon said.

From January 6th to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the Episcopalians celebrated the Epiphany, commemorating the revelation of Christ to the world.

“The Epiphany is about the light of Christ in the world. And the manifestation of god’s son to all of us and the feast of the Epiphany is a wonderful time to have an ordination where we can embrace the power and the manifestation of God’s presence in the world,” Harmon said.

Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Angelicins are among those who commemorate the Epiphany. These groups get together on a certain day to celebrate the occasion.

“Normally in the Christian tradition January the 6th is known as the epiphany of the lord. The three wise men came and bore gifts to Christ and it’s also… Epiphany means revelations.”

On Saturday night, Christ the King celebrated mass, and on Sunday, they concluded their commemoration.

“It’s also… It’s very important for 2 reasons. The Lord wants to be known as the king of all the nations and also the orthodox Christians… It’s Christmas Day today. So, and that’s how they begin to celebrate so it has this significance that it’s… Christ is born and continues to reveal himself to us,” Christ the King Catholic Church, Pastor Father Juan Guido.


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