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Arkansas has a high level of Black Friday fervor



Little Rock, Arkansas – Arkansas appears to enjoy Black Friday more than most other states, according to a new research.

Arkansas scored #11 for the most searches during the country’s busiest shopping period, according to Ohio and it were tied.

According to the survey, there were 1,575 monthly searches in Arkansas for every 100,000 residents. With over 6,000 searches in the past year, “Black Friday deals” was the most searched term in the state.

According to John McKinney, Head of Digital Marketing at BoohooMAN, “Black Friday started for stores in the late 1980′s and has historically been a day where record profits are made due to sales and price reductions.” “As the celebration has grown, new events that highlight different aspects of retail have emerged, like Cyber Monday.”

According to projections made by the National Retail Federation, the nation’s holiday sales in November and December might total up to $967 billion.

On, you can learn more about this study.


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