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CARTI revealed Arkansas’s first cancer surgical facility, providing cutting-edge technology and patient-centered treatment



Little Rock, Arkansas – The state’s first cancer surgical center was officially unveiled on Friday by CARTI in the presence of medical specialists, local residents, and elected authorities.

Six big operating rooms, 14 pre- and post-op rooms, 12 recovery rooms, and eight private overnight rooms are all part of the 57 000 square foot complex.

The CARTI Surgery Center also has a minor procedure room, an interventional radiology suite, and a cystoscopy room for urology treatments.

CARTI’s CEO and president, Adam Head, stated that the organization has been assisting patients since 1976 and that a new center was urgently required.

“We resolutely decided as an organization that trusted care should never mean leaving our state,” Head said. “That commitment has created a different level of accountability for us to disrupt historical norms for cancer treatments.”

The facility has two da Vinci robotic-assisted operating rooms for minimally invasive surgery and pre-op rooms with customized lighting and visuals to help patients relax before the operation.

“Robotic surgery will lead to significant benefits,” Scott Stern, M.D. and oncologist at CARTI Cancer Center, said. “[That includes] improved safety, reduced risk, and a faster pathway to recovery.”

Stern emphasized that the center was “patient driven” and more than merely a “architectural gem.”

“It’s an opportunity to improve the quality of life for our patients and for all Arkansans throughout their cancer surgery,” Stern said. “Every detail of the building from the natural lighting in our operating room to the calming recovery spaces and the inspiration garden, was designed and built with comfort and healing in mind.”


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