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Christmas tree farm kicks off the season



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Now that Thanksgiving has passed, many people are getting ready for Christmas.

For many people, this entails getting a tree, buying presents, and hanging lights.

As the most popular day to purchase a Christmas tree, the day following Thanksgiving is one that tree farm owners look forward to all year.

“We open the Friday after thanksgiving every year and this is the busiest day of the season typically all this weekend will be pretty busy,” said Jonesboro Christmas Tree Plantation owner, Rocky Clemons.

Clemons said he and his employees work arduously to provide visitors with the greatest experience possible at the Jonesboro Christmas Tree Plantation, which receives hundreds of visitors from all around Northeast Arkansas.

“This really is a labor of love, and it is about making people happy during Christmas time,” said Clemons.

Clemons claimed that this year’s labor was harder because of the unfavorable weather.

“It was a tough growing season because of too much rainfall in the spring, which made it hard just to get the work done,” said Clemons. “It was one of the driest summers we have had.”

Leyland cypress trees are some of the most house-friendly species available, according to Clemons, who made sure to water the trees during the dry season.

“They have a really good house life, they don’t bother people’s allergies so a lot of the drawbacks that are associated with real trees they are kind of eliminated,” said Clemons.

The farm gives the ideal experience for those seeking to feel the spirit of Christmas, with a little hut offering free hot chocolate and popcorn along with attractions for kids.

“There is almost never a grinch and it’s just nice to help people have a good time during the Christmas season,” said Clemons.

Black Friday is widely seen as signaling the start of the Christmas season, which starts the busy time of year for Christmas tree farms.

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