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City of Conway gets new system to disinfect playgrounds from COVID-19



Conway, Arkansas – Safety is usually on the forefront of every parent’s mind—at school, at parks, and at playgrounds.

As COVID-19 numbers continue to climb in Arkansas, the City of Conway says they understand parents are concerned.

“Of course it crosses my mind of the germs being transferred on different bars and slides,” said Syndal Cook, a parent at Laurel Park.

With the warmer weather felt in Arkansas, Cook says she and her daughter are taking advantage of being outside. However, she worries her daughter could be accidentally exposed to COVID-19 by touching surfaces at the park.

“Just hoping we stay safe from the virus,” Cook said.

Recently, the City of Conway got a new system that helps to kill Coronavirus on playgrounds throughout the city.

“We want to keep people safe and allow them to play in these beautiful parks,” said Spencer Clawson, Director of Code Enforcement for City of Conway.
Clawson says the fog takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fully dry and is proven to kill COVID-19.

“With the uptick in COVID numbers not just in the United States, but also in the state of Arkansas, we are trying to make sure the city of Conway doesn’t become a hot spot,” added Clawson.

Cook says it gives her comfort knowing that parks are being cleaned and she is more likely to bring her daughter in the future.

“Before I realized they were fogging, I was questioning all the action on the poles.” Said Cook. “It gives me a sense of security that they’re caring for our children and they want to do all they can to keep our kids safe.

Clawson says they have two fogging devices and their hope is to sanitize each park in the city every week.

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