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Filmmaker from Arkansas discusses the creation of the Oscar-nominated film “Barber of Little Rock”



Little Rock, Arkansas – Earlier this week, an Academy Award nomination was announced for a short documentary film that used a Little Rock barber to examine the racial wealth disparity in America.

“The Barber of Little Rock” follows barber turned businessman Arlo Washington as he creates the first Black-owned financial institution in Arkansas.

Russellville resident Andy Sarjahani, who worked as the film’s cinematographer, talked about what it meant to him to be involved in this project.

“It’s inspiring and it’s something that kind of breaks the mold of what you typically hear about Little Rock or Arkansas. It’s nice to have a bright spot from our state illuminating,” Sarjahani said, “and that was honestly one of the things that inspired me so much to want to be on this project.”

The Smallest Power, one of Sarjahani’s most recent endeavors, made its debut at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.


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