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In order to combat violence, Phi Beta Sigma holds a gun buyback event



Little Rock, Arkansas – To reduce gun violence in our communities, the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Incorporated work together every year to collect as many weapons as they can.

This organization has been tackling gun violence for the past three years by meeting the community where they are in order to remove illegal and unnecessary firearms off the streets.

“For whatever reason right now this has become a new norm for guns whether they are stolen or just around the houseany type of conflict resolution.Our youth seem to find a way of settling those disputes with gun violence if we can free up some of the guns that are lying dormant that are accessible it can make a difference,” Phi Beta Sigma-Mu Beta Sigma Chapter President, Larry Harris said.

Residents have the option to drive up and turn in any unlicensed, missing, or unused firearms. There are no questions.

The Little Rock Police Department is then given the firearms to be securely stored and disposed of.

“Our motto is culture for service and service for humanity so we are charged with making sure we make a change in our community. So this is one of the ways we make a change and if we can save a life we are definitely making a big change,” Phi Beta Sigma, Public Relations Director, Curtis S. Woods said.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the change in our state and elsewhere through Phi Beta Sigma.

“Let’s everyone just try to play a part because this is just one small piece of the puzzle that we are trying to help cartel and help save our communities,” Harris said.

Phi Beta Sigma claims that if just one life is saved, it will all have been worth it after seizing over 100 guns since they began, including 20 this weekend.

“The life that you save may be your life… Or the life of someone that you really love. Even if it’s someone that you don’t love you’re saving a life… It’s so important… We can’t do this by ourselves,” Woods said.

Despite the fact that this particular gun buy back event only occurs once a year, Phi Beta Sigma conducted a second buy back for North Little Rock last year due to demand.

The group stated that they are willing to open an office in any community that will welcome them.

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