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Little Rock Rangers win, moving on to the Southern Conference Championship



Little Rock, Arkansas – Sunday’s Southern Conference USL League 2 playoff Semi-Final between the Little Rock Rangers and Texas United ended in a 2-0 Little Rock Rangers victory.

The Rangers are creating history by moving on to the playoff stage after making their first appearance in the USL League 2 Semi-Finals.

Before the game began, spectators were tailgating. At every Rangers home game, Ty Cobb and his family tailgate.

“Getting here at this point in the tenure of the team is awesome, it speaks a lot to the coach, the coaching staff, the players, it’s a big deal,” Cobb said.

Danny Hernandez participates in those tailgates with the intention of inspiring others to come cheer on the Rangers.

“We support anything that is a Little Rock team. We support the Travelers, we support the Rangers, we just want the city of Little Rock to be shown,” Hernandez said.

The Rangers’ stadium is supposedly the ideal setting for soccer.

“You’re going to get the best bang for your buck in War Memorial it’s a historic stadium, it’s absolutely beautiful, we have an awesome team, big crowd, awesome fans, 7,000 people show up for USL 2 soccer, that just doesn’t happen anywhere else,” Hernandez said.

One of the things they enjoy the most about the squad is its environment, which is maintained by the Red Watch.

The Red Watch, of which Zachary Powers is a member, makes every effort to keep the audience on its feet.

“We are an organized group that gets together, and we make chants, play drums, we light off smoke, we do fundraisers, we do all kinds of things in order to make a great atmosphere for the people that come and support the players,” Powers said.

Every time the Rangers enter the field, according to Powers, they aim to create an electrifying atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

“The entire 90 minutes we are giving love and showing support and making sure that not only the Rangers know that we’re there, but the other team knows we’re there,” Powers said.

These supporters affirm that they will continue to support the Rangers in future games and campaigns in light of their spirit of competition.

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