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Over 285,000 people in Arkansas fully vaccinated for COVID-19



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Last week, Gov. Hutchinson extended the public health emergency until March 31. This included important executive orders: Telehealth, business protection, remote learning, etc.

On Monday, March 8, Gov. Hutchinson extended the eligibility for Arkansans to receive the vaccine by nearly 400,000 people.

Based upon the progress and stats, the mask mandate will continue but end on March 31 if certain progress is maintained.

Key facts to know:

  • 256,864 confirmed cases
  • 69,635 probable cases
  • 2,351 active confirmed cases
  • 807 active probable cases
  • 4,352 confirmed deaths
  • 1,085 probable deaths
  • 259 hospitalizations
  • 64 on ventilators
  • 250,150 confirmed recoveries
  • 67,733 probable recoveries
  • 816,397 vaccine doses given


  • Friday, March 12

    The Arkansas Department of Health reported 459 new COVID-19 cases and 27 more deaths.

    “Today’s report shows the continued trend of lower new cases, active cases, and hospitalizations from the prior week. We have seen an increase of nearly 110,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses in the past week, and we anticipate this number to continue to climb,” Gov. Hutchinson said on Friday.

    There have been 816,397 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine given in Arkansas thus far and 285,090 fully immunized.

    Thursday, March 11

    • The Arkansas Department of Health reported 340 new COVID-19 cases and 28 deaths on the year anniversary of the first reported case in the state.

    Gov. Hutchinson will provide an update in Pine Bluff, Ark., one year after Arkansas’s first COVID-19 case was confirmed.

    CEO of Jefferson Regional began the press conference by calling this a day of reflection.

    “We just never envisioned that this would be the first place the COVID pandemic would impact our state” Brian Thomas, CEO of Jefferson Regional.

    Thomas said 21,000 COVID tests have been conducted in the last 12 months at the hospital. He said the hospital had a lost of success stories and mentioned the staff for the quality of care for patients.

    Today we dropped below 300 in hospitalizations statewide, and that’s probably the lowest we had in 6 or 7 months,” Gov, Hutchinson said.  “We want that day when the pandemic ends, and that day will come.”

    Hutchinson said the first day COVID-19 was in Arkansas was like 9/11. He said “it’s our 3/11.”

    “Because we’ve put the work in, we’re seeing the results when it comes to vaccinations. That’s the American spirit in action,” the governor said.

    The Pine Bluff mayor gave a proclamation for COVID-19 day of remembrance. She touched on the lives lost in the Pine Bluff community. Mayor Washington then declared March 11, 2020, as “COVID-19 day of remembrance” in Pine Bluff.

    Wednesday, March 10

    The Arkansas Department of Health reported 317 new COVID-19 cases in the state along with 25 more deaths, 16 of which were reported late from January, according to Gov. Hutchinson.

    “The team at the Department of Health and I are continually monitoring vaccine distribution to ensure we can administer doses as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Hutchinson said.

    Tuesday, March 9

    The Arkansas Department of Health reported 432 new COVID-19 cases in the state along with 14 more deaths.

    The amount of people hospitalized due to the virus has decreased to 317.

    “We continue to see a decrease in active cases and hospitalizations compared to last week. Also, an additional 104,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered since last Tuesday. Our continued mitigation efforts, including vaccination, masking, and social distancing, will get us closer to the end of this pandemic.” Gov. Hutchinson said on Tuesday.

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