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Record increase in Covid-19 deaths and active cases in Arkansas



Arkansas – The last 24 hours have been the deadliest for COVID-19 patients in Arkansas since the pandemic began.

New figures released Friday showed an increase of 55 deaths in the last day in the state, bringing the total number of Arkansans dead from the virus to 2,875.

The current active coronavirus case count in Arkansas is also a record, with 20,706 active cases, 1,059 of which are hospitalized with 185 on ventilators.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 181,624 total cases in the state. White House presses FDA chief to approve vaccine by end of day

In a public address Thursday evening, Gov. Asa Hutchinson did not announce any new restrictions but did say that emergency orders started over the summer would continue through the end of the month.

Hutchinson also asked families in the Natural State to consider making alternate plans for holiday celebrations and gave initial details on the state’s vaccine rollout plan.

In a statement Friday, the governor noted that while vaccine news looked promising, Arkansans could not let their guards down in regards to following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“We have once again reached a grave milestone in this pandemic. 55 Arkansans lost their lives yesterday as a result of COVID-19,” Hutchinson said. “While we may have hope ahead from promising vaccine news, we cannot grow weary over the next few weeks. This virus spreads easily and can infect any of us. Please take proper precautions.”

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