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State sees largest daily COVID-19 increase yet



LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Each week the state is moving forward opening more businesses and loosening restrictions with no plans to slow down even with the biggest increase in positive cases so far.

“We have an additional 455 cases here in the state of Arkansas. This is the largest single-day increase in cases since we have been reporting,” said Governor Asa Hutchinson.​

However, not everybody is ready to get back to normal.​

“It’s too early, I really think it’s too early,” said Lou Bullock, Little Rock, “distance seems to be working better so I think I will stay distanced from everybody.”​

We caught up with one Little Rock woman while fishing at MacArthur Park. It’s one place, Lou Bullock says she feels safe.​

“Getting out, just doing something on the lake where you can be distant would be fine but as far as shopping and stuff like that I don’t think I would do that right now,” said Bullock.​

In the last two weeks, Governor Asa Hutchinson reopened salons, dine-in restaurants, casinos, and much more. All with various restrictions.​

“As a nation, we have to figure out how to reduce the spread of the virus and to live, educate and make a living at the same time,” said Governor Hutchinson.​

Governor Hutchinson said Thursday, Arkansas had the largest single-day increase at 455 cases.​

Dr. Nate Smith said 229 of those came from correctional facilities and were already known to the state but hadn’t been entered into the system yet. Those cases are from last week.​

The other 226 cases are from the community.​

These numbers have some people concerned while others are ready to get back to normal.​

“I think why stay in the house,” said Christal Howard, Little Rock.​

Christal Howard was also fishing at MacArthur Park, she said if we follow the guidelines, there’s no reason to not get back into the world.​

“Keeping hands clean and our masks on whether you’re young, old, or in between. That keeps us all protected until we get ahead of this,” said Howard.​

“I’m 66 so I’m not going to trust it, I’m not going to get out there just because everyone else is doing it,” said Bullock.​

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