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The North Bar’s mobile kitchen opens following the fire in 2023



North Little Rock, Arkansas – A store that burned down in October of last year is rising from the ashes in North Little Rock.

The North Bar had to close after being left destroyed. The North Bar Mobile Kitchen is now open.

With a bright orange exterior, and a flashing ‘open’ sign on the front of it.

Emily Smith has been waiting for this to open by regularly checking Facebook.

“And we finally saw that they opened the food truck so we came up here,” Smith said

She had a great meal at the restaurant before the fire.

“We just planned our whole day around it, took like a 20-25 minute drive down here,” Smith said.

The North Bar caught fire almost four months ago. After seven years in operation, according to owner Kyle Dismang, Guy Fieri of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives paid a visit.

“I’d never imagine in a million years, we survived the tornados and high storms last year, and it’s like losing a loved one almost,” Dismang said.

While they wait for a new structure to be renovated, they unveiled the North Bar Mobile Kitchen this week.

“With the weather, still just a huge turnout, which makes us very excited for when we do get great weather, I think it’s just going to be insane,” Dismang said.

They claim they’ve managed to maintain a positive attitude through it all, finding something good between the ashes. The mobile kitchen has all the classics and they’re adding something new every week.

“But, on the bright side we’re finally going to expand to a bigger space,” Dismang said.

According to him, their goal is to consistently entice clients to return for more.

They intend to open their new facility in the latter part of the summer. They are going to be in the heart of Arkansas.



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