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Conway residents battle the heat, one couple distributes free ice



Conway, Arkansas – People are trying their best to keep amused and cool this week as the sun is pounding down in central Arkansas.

Adrianna Davis took her daughter to the splash park in Conway.

“It is incredibly hot, and the splash pad is a great way for them to cool down,” Davis said.

The splash pad amuses her daughter and her friends despite the heat.

“Normally we spend our days inside, especially when it gets hot like this, but sometimes you’ve gotta risk the heat, to get them out of the house for a couple of minutes,” Davis said.

Others who are experiencing power outages are currently attempting to leave their homes. A pair is offering free ice to them as a means of helping.

At Wet Willy’s Super Auto Wash in Conway, Kailey and Jesse Miller have an ice maker. They declared that they wished to assist after observing the need in the neighborhood.

“We called each other and said that we should probably give other people the opportunity to be able to get the free ice like we are,” Kailey Miller said.

A large number of people came to get the couple’s ice after their social media post gained over 1500 shares, which allowed them to chill off.

“I know we’ve done over 200 bags of ice; the machine is trying it’s best to keep up with the volume,” Jesse Miller said.

People flocked to them, they claimed, seeking a place to calm down, so they jumped in to assist.

“I was just having to scoop ice into bags just to fill them up just so people could have them because people were in line. We had a nice little line going,” Jesse Miller said.

They claimed to be merely pleased to assist the neighborhood.

“Since God has blessed us with this opportunity, we really just wanted to bless other people,” Kailey Miller said.

The ice maker will be on free vend mode on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the couple. Additionally, other ice machine owners have imitated them. The additional machines are situated in Conway’s MH Marts 1 and 2.

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