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Hunger Force North Little Rock aims to influence the community of homeless people



North Little Rock, Arkansas – One Arkansas organization is making sure that everyone is warm and fed this season as the nights grow chilly.

Hunger Force North Little Rock provides food, clothing, and sanitary items to the homeless population in the area.

Every week, they can serve between thirty and sixty people. Paul Bailey, the company’s creator, took action after recognizing a need in his own community.

“We’ve got socks, a protein bar soap shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, antibiotic ointment, wipes, hand sanitizers, a razor,” Bailey said.

Thanks to community donations, Hunger Force NLR can provide the homeless with a variety of products, these being only a few of them.

“All these things that we just kind of take for granted at home, this can really help somebody a lot when they just get this for free,” Bailey said.

Bailey founded the organization to deliver supplies directly to those who, in his opinion, need them the most.

“I wanted to really focus in on my own city and say what does it take to help out and move the needle here a little bit,” Bailey said.

Additionally, there is a purpose behind the purple camo uniforms they wear while serving.

“Purple is when you put red and blue together, so the message is ‘hey let’s all get together and find good things to do instead of fighting about what doesn’t even matter,’” Bailey said.

Volunteer Joseph Odom has set a goal for the upcoming year, 2024.

“I’d like to dream that if this group gets big enough then the North Little Rock Hunger Force has a Little Rock Hunger Force and there is a brother and a sister group and they’re working back and forth with resources,” Odom said.

Bailey maintains that his objective remains unchanged despite the colder winter conditions in the Natural State, as he believes there is always more work to be done.

“I have a lot of hope, it feels like things can get better not necessarily that they have, but I try to be optimistic,” Bailey said.


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