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Jonesboro boutique holds fall festival for vendors



Jonesboro, Arkansas – A Jonesboro shop brought sellers together to celebrate fall.

The first-ever Fall Festival was hosted by Southern Charm Boutique in the lot in front of its establishment.

Southern Charm is owned by Pamela Mahoney, and several retailers have set up shop there.

“Having spent three years as a vendor myself, I opened this store with everything I wanted as a vendor,” the woman stated. We’ve made room for more than 50 small businesses to display their goods in-store on a daily basis by taking this action.

Because not all of the vendors could place their goods in stores, Mahoney explained that she wanted more sellers to have a chance, so the fall festival took vendors outside into the parking lot.

“‘We’re just bringing awareness to the vendors out here as well as in the store and getting to know everyone in our community as a whole.”

Mahoney reported that several hundred people attended the fall festival, which had more than fifty merchants.

There were activities and snacks available for everyone.

According to Mahoney, the store is already organizing its upcoming festival.



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