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The victorious moment of Harmony Grove Lady Cardinal gets viral on TikTok



Haskell, Arkansas – After making her first basket in a basketball game, a third-grade special needs Harmony Grove Lady Cardinal’s TikTok went viral.

Katelyn Korejko adores everything basketball and sports with pride.

“I like my team,” said Korejko. “They are all my friends.”

Although Korejko gets to showcase her skills for two to three minutes during the sub-quarter, two weeks ago she scored her first point in a game versus Bauxite.
There were cheers from everyone there, even the other team.

“I felt so cool,” said Korejko.

All of it was captured on camera by her mother, Kristie Korejko, who uploaded it to TikTok, where it presently has over 200,000 likes.

“They were clapping and encouraging her,” said Kristie. “I didn’t see all that because I was too concentrated on her making that goal. I was like, ‘If she could score just one time’, and she did it. As a parent of a child with special needs, that is all we want is for our child to be included and they did that. They hit that 100%.”

She claimed that her daughter’s team is always by her side, encouraging her every step of the way.

“She was like, ‘Yeah!,’ It was very fun to watch,” said Brynlee Brows, Katelyn’s teammate. “She has made so many baskets in practice and so we were like, ‘Oh she is going to make it at the game,’ and watching it I knew it was going to go in as soon as I watched it circle. I was like, ‘Oh it is going in.’”

The group reported that the crowd was impressive.

“Everybody was so loud,” said Brook Richardson, Katelyn’s teammate. “Everybody was like, ‘yeah! Let’s go, Katelyn!’. Even the other team.”

This meant more than just a basket, according to Kristie.
Katelyn interprets this as an opportunity to play sports with her friends and to not allow her disability to prevent her from engaging in some of her favorite activities.

“You see where we are at today,” said Kristie. “Her teammates, her school, kids, everyone is so accepting and inviting of her and all ready to help and help keep her going.”

Kobe Bryant is Katelyn’s favorite player, and she even sports his number 24 on her jersey.
Katelyn declared that she would go on playing basketball, and her teammates expressed their gratitude for her friendship and her abilities in every match.


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