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To guarantee that all citizens have access to the internet, the City of Cabot partnered with Connect 2 First



Cabot, Arkansas – Through a collaboration with internet service provider Connect 2 First, the City of Cabot ensures that each resident has access to the internet.

“Cabot owns all of the lines in Cabot city limits and we have partnered with Connect 2 First to be the ISP provider of their service to all of our lines,” said Ken Kincade, Mayor of Cabot.

The fiber for each of these lines is presently being installed, according to Candace Looper, Sales and Marketing Director for Connect 2 First, and anyone who joins up will be connected to that fiber internet infrastructure.

“We’re providing symmetrical speeds so download speed and upload speed are the same,” said Looper. “We are providing inside the City of Cabot, multi-gig speeds so customers will have the opportunity to 200 Megabits to 2.5 Gigabits.”

She stated that they plan to finish sometime in 2024 in a chart that Connect 2 First and the city of Cabot created that shows the tentative dates when communities will be able to get connected.

“We are building services from the outside in and now we are building services from the inside out,” said Looper. “We are already activating citizens of Cabot with the services and getting them installed as quickly as we can.”

Having a business and living in a remote region, according to one resident who has previously been connected to Connect 2 First, have made a significant difference in having dependable internet.

According to Kincade, the widespread adoption of digital technology will be beneficial even for people’s daily lives.

“We have 11,000 students in the city of Cabot or close to that,” said Kincade. “They need a good internet. Each child has a laptop, they go home and study. We have so much of the workforce that work from home now. Healthcare, telehealth, I mean this is big.”

The internet service provider is presently erecting a corporate office in the city and will be available nearby to assist with anything.

You can see here which locations are connected and which ones are still being built.

You can call Connect 2 First to set up services if your region is connected.

If it isn’t, Looper stated that they will contact the locals as soon as construction is complete.

For any questions, you may also call Connect2First’s Customer Experience Specialist at 833-411-2234.


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