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Arkansas Department of Health and other professionals provide dental health advice during Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Many recommendations are being emphasized by the Arkansas Department of Health and other professionals for parents who are taking care of their children’s dental requirements.

Dr. Rachel Sizemore, director of the ADH Office of Dental Health, listed several crucial practices for children’s dental health.

“Brushing teeth and flossing daily at a young age can serve children for their whole lives,” Sizemore said. “Healthy teeth allow children to speak, chew healthy foods, and smile with confidence.”

She added that it can be beneficial for students to learn about dental health in the classroom.

“Kids are used to learning important lessons in schools and libraries, making oral health education in those settings a natural fit,” Sizemore said.

When new parents walk into Leap Kids Dental in North Little Rock, Dr. Komal Mehra says she hears these myths a lot:

• She said you shouldn’t bring your child to the dentist till they are two, instead, bring them when they get their first tooth.
• She noted that even though juice has no added sugars, it can still be bad because anything with sugar coats a child’s teeth and should only be given as a treat once or twice a week.
• Mehra said instead of brushing first thing in the morning, brush after breakfast and then brush and floss before bed.
• She said baby teeth do matter as kids can keep them up to 12 years old. If they’re not taken care of, it can lead to mouth pain, which can cause infections.
• She said it’s ok to start with fluoride toothpaste. Just start by smearing some on a toothbrush, and when they are spitting, use a pea-sized amount.


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