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Income-based scholarship program launched by Reform Alliance



Little Rock, Arkansas – For the 2024–25 academic year, applications are now being accepted for the Reform Alliance’s Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids scholarship, which is intended to assist Arkansas families in locating and utilizing the greatest educational option.

“Hundreds of students have benefited from this incredible program, changing the course of their lives, and we invite income-eligible families to join them and gain access to educational options that fit their child’s needs,” said Emmy Henley, managing director for The Reform Alliance.

The scholarship is available to families with yearly incomes of less than 200 percent of the federal poverty threshold, or about $60,000 for our family.
The scholarship recipients will get $6,800 for high school kids and $6,000 for students in preschool through eighth grade. These funds can be applied toward tuition and expenses at any private school that is a participating party.

“Families who find that their child is struggling to learn or otherwise not thriving in a traditional public school often can’t afford another option,” said Henley. “This program is for them.”

Contributing taxpayers in Arkansas are eligible to get a 100% credit on their state income taxes for their personal and/or business income through this tax-credit scholarship.

Before Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders supported the LEARNS act to boost the tax cap to $6 million, it was only $2 million.

When it hits 90%, as it did in 2023, it will permit the maximum to increase, bringing it to $6.3 million.

Families who would like to apply for the scholarship or have any questions can visit The Reform Alliance website.

A 2023 Form 1040 from their tax filing, along with the other acceptable documents listed here, are required of all candidates.

Call 501-244-9028 or send an email to [email protected] for assistance with applications.




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