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A cerebral palsy-afflicted Boy Scout creates a special route to become an Eagle Scout



Little Rock, Arkansas – With cerebral palsy, a Little Rock Boy Scout is motivating others with his extraordinary path to become an Eagle Scout.

Zack Gridley had a double brain bleed soon after delivery, and at the age of one, his condition was identified as cerebral palsy.

Nevertheless, he has continued to work toward his goals through Boy Scouts and other activities despite his disabilities.

“It’s his passion,” Zack’s Mother, Tammy Gridley said.

In 2016, following years of developmental therapy, Zack Gridley decided to become a Cub Scout. He has more than forty badges from Boy Scout Troop 55.

“I would highly recommend because you get to develop a bond with people in your troop,” Zack said. “Everyone helped me through this journey, and I worked very hard,” Zack added.

Now he’s just weeks away from addressing a board to find out if he will become an Eagle Scout, the highest rank via Boy Scouts of America. Only four percent of Scouts reach Eagle Rank nationwide.

“Once I reach eagle scout, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something,” Zack said.

Zack’s parents claim that even though he had some conveniences while traveling, he largely faced scout obstacles on his own.

“He biked on a recumbent bike 15 miles at one of his outings, so you know for someone like him…. It’s a big deal for any kid that age but for him especially to be that dedicated to go out and do that ride,” Zack’s Father, Brad Gridley.

“It’s very exciting to me because he’s worked very hard, and he’s embraced it all. I just feel like it’s been a terrific thing for him to do. He’s learned a lot of valuable life skills,” Tammy said.

Zack intends to continue his quest to leave his imprint on the world by wearing his new title at Governor’s School this summer and applying to colleges all year long. He hopes to attain his Eagle rank.

“Zack makes us proud everyday not just because of the Eagle Scout but because his determination,” Brad said.

“He’s very inspiring to a lot of people. Not just to us,” Tammy said.

“Work hard and if you want to achieve something. You can do it. But it may take a little hard work to get there,’ Zack said.

The Gridley family expressed their gratitude to everyone who has supported Zack thus far on his journey.


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