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Family from Sherwood still recovering from March 2023 tornado



Sherwood, Arkansas – Even though the terrible disaster on March 31 occurred more than a year ago, we’ve discovered that everyone’s experience with rebuilding is unique.

People are still attempting to have contractors and insurance claims processed. One Sherwood couple is still having trouble sifting through the bureaucracy.

When the tornado struck the home of Jason and Heather Bays, they were at work.

They said that every tree surrounding their home, except one, had been felled. The house’s interior remained intact, but a tree fell through the roof.

For over a year, the damage to the roof persisted.

“Our deck was destroyed,” stated Jason Bays. “Someone demolished our fence.

Thankfully, the little money we did have allowed us to repair the deck and the fence, but we are currently battling the insurance company to get it fixed.”

The Bays informed us that they have been battling insurance companies over what should be covered, and they have engaged lawyers to try and resolve the issue.

Subsequently, the Bays started getting letters telling them to update their property. The most recent one, from earlier this month, required them to appear in court to get code enforcement charges. The letter threatens to issue an arrest warrant if they do not show up.
“It’s frustrating at the same time for me to take a few extra steps out of my day to let somebody else know, ‘Hey, something that I want done and fixed… I’m still working on it,'” Jason Bays stated.

A small number of homes that have not yet complied with code enforcement received these letters, according to the City of Sherwood. They assured us that everyone is being helped and that if you show up for the scheduled court date or call the court to reschedule, there is no chance of going to jail.

“I just hope that through all of this, anyone else going through similar situations can find some resolve and be able to heal from the traumatic events that happened that day, and we can all just move on,” Heather Bays stated.

The City of Sherwood advised calling the main number for assistance if you have questions or if you have received these tickets.


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