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Arkansas family gives back in remembrance of man who passed away while in police custody



Little Rock, Arkansas – A man from Arkansas passed away on December 10, 2021, while in the custody of the police. His family chose to memorialize him on his death anniversary by helping the most poor in Little Rock.

The family of Terrance Caffey has persisted in demanding responsibility even after his passing two years ago.

Caffey passed away following a medical emergency that occurred when he was being arrested by Little Rock Police at the Movie Tavern.

Following the release of body camera footage in the fall of last year, the Pulaski County prosecutor decided not to press charges against the participating police.

His family is currently working to ensure that they can continue to commemorate his life by assisting others.

“Putting smiles on their faces, it’s helping us to move and go on,” Caffey’s sister, Crystal said.

On Colonel Glenn, they set up shop in front of Value Foods, and attendees left the event with more than just grins on their faces.

“We just want to help the community out here, it’s cold. [We want to] give back to them. We have sleeping bags, gloves, clothes, shoes, everything they would need to sleep out here in the cold,” Crystal Caffey said.

Both Caffey’s sister and aunt, Nicole Ewing, agreed that Terence would have preferred it.

“Terence had a passion for helping the homeless people, helping the underprivileged, he [was] always rooting for the underdog. And so this was one of his passions. And so to keep his memory alive, we’re coming out here, and we’re going to do what he would have wanted to do,” Ewing added.

This isn’t the last giveaway, though. They intend to carry out this at least a few times every month.

“When we’re trying to get this together, and we’re saying, Oh, we don’t have this, we don’t have that. It’s his spirit, his drive, his tenacity that we get from him and say, Yes, we can. We’re gonna do it. And we just keep on,” Ewing described.

Ultimately, they stated that they are seeking responsibility.

“We’re going to believe that God is in control of that, he’s going to work it out. So what we are going to do is what we need to do on our end and this is some of it,” Ewing said.


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