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Local gyms unite to help keep their communities healthy during difficult times



CONWAY, Ark. – As more fitness centers and gyms close across the country to slow the spread of the coronavirus, people are forced to find new ways of exercise.

“Closing those doors that day was one of hardest things I had to do,” says Robin Dayer, owner of Burn Studio in Conway.

She says she felt as if her purpose was taken from her.

However, Dayer says that quickly changed when one of her fitness instructors, Emily McIndoe, created a free fitness community group page on Facebook.

McIndoe used the page as a way to keep the community united and starting inviting local fitness trainers across the state to collaborate.

The page is called Conway Fitness Community Group and has grown to more than 400 members in less than 24 hours, says McIndoe.

McIndoe says she never expected it to grow as quickly as it did but sees mission of many of her colleagues and their commitment to keep their community healthy and connected.

The page features 8 different gyms and several of their instructor’s workouts.

“It was really cool to see people come together to create something that can give so much right now,” says McIndoe.

The social media page offers free workout videos and even hosts live events for members.

Dayer says her studio has even started loaning equipment out for members to use.

The group has partnered with the Arkansas Department of Health and UCA Exercise and Sports Science Department.

“We want to help and so – I’ve noticed everybody – all the other fitness instructors that are a part of this do too and it’s really brought us together. I don’t think we will ever be the same. I think this community of fitness here in Conway and I think everywhere will never be the same,” Dayer explains.

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