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Finishing off election coverage, analysts discuss how Arkansas candidates have performed so far



Little Rock, Arkansas – Examining the candidates and issues on the ballot was the main topic of Sunday’s Capitol View with three days till election day.

Highlights from the United States Senate election debate were shown by Capitol View host Roby Brock to conclude the election coverage.

Brock then asked political specialists to examine and discuss the candidates and their thus far actions. The experts were Republican strategist Sylvester Smith and Democratic strategist Michael Cook.

Brock and the experts talked about the governor candidates’ debate performance as well as how well they had done in their early campaigning.

Cook and Smith both thought Chris Jones was competitive throughout the race, while Smith thought Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was highly competitive.

Brock also enquired about the analysts’ thoughts on the subjects up for a vote. If voters were sufficiently informed on the first and second issues, the two analysts were confident that they would not pass.

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