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Following storm damage, FEMA offers potential disaster assistance to displaced Arkansans



Little Rock, Arkansas – FEMA said on Monday that it might be able to assist Arkansans who have been ordered out of storm-damaged homes or apartment buildings.

Whether or whether their rental unit had damage, landlords might have been required to order tenants to leave or abandon their homes, and they might have been entitled to disaster relief, according to FEMA.

You should contact FEMA or visit a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center to find out what aid might be available if you’ve already registered for FEMA assistance but were later asked to leave your home because of damage.

If you’ve had to leave your house, ask for help even if you weren’t found to be FEMA-eligible.

Renters may be eligible for grants to help with disaster assistance, according to FEMA, including:

Renting a home when the renter’s previous one is unsafe to live in due to the disaster or their apartment complex or home is under repair due to the disaster.

• Disaster-related medical and dental expenses.
• Child-care assistance.
• Moving and storage fees.
• Replacement or repair of necessary personal property lost or damaged in the disaster, such as appliances and furniture, textbooks and computers used by students, and work equipment or tools used by independent contractors.
• Repair or replacement of vehicles damaged by the disaster.
• Disaster-related funeral and burial expenses.


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