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Gas prices in Arkansas increased after declining at the pump for 13 weeks



Little Rock, Arkansas – The recent increase in gas prices has been observed by many Arkansans. According to AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria, the increase in gas prices won’t stick around.

Chabarria claims that Arkansas has experienced a consistent downturn over the past three months. He added that it’s challenging to determine what influences fuel prices.

“We know that drivers were getting some much-needed relief at the pump over the last 13 weeks or so,” Chabarria said. “Again our outlook is that these spikes in prices are not gonna become a trend and only impact prices only in the short term here.”

The transition from summer blend to winter blend, according to Chabarria, may be one of the factors contributing to higher gas prices.

“Although winter blend is cheaper to produce, it usually results in lower prices at the pump of course during the colder months,” he said. “Sometimes right around that switch over the period there can some fluctuation in prices.”

Any travel aspirations Jaren Evans may have been affected by the increase in gas prices. He announced that his father will be paying a first-time visit since the outbreak.

“It’s the first time he’s been able to come down and I wish I could’ve driven up there at any point prior to this but it just hasn’t been in the cards,” Chabarria said.

Evans claimed that if petrol prices weren’t so high, he would have visited his family more frequently.

“Being able to block out a certain amount for gas helps you budget and you know it’s always rough when you try to budget and you come up short anyway,” Evans said.

Evans claimed that filling up his tank used to cost around $25 but is now up to $40. He claimed that despite his best efforts, he is unable to cover his petrol expenses.

According to a survey conducted by AAA in August, two-thirds of Americans altered their driving behaviors to reduce their fuel costs.

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