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People express their opinions about whether Parkview should relocate



Little Rock, Arkansas – People had the opportunity to express their concerns regarding Parkview High School’s move on Monday night.

The first public meeting was held outside the boardroom of the Little Rock School District.

Rumors circulated that Parkview High School would close due to development at West Little Rock High School, which prompted the meeting.

“Today, was really to raise awareness and so the public will then be ready to engage on Thursday and up until the 14th when the vote will come,” said Vicki Hatter, LRSD Board Director.

LRSD has been considering other options because there aren’t enough pupils to occupy all of their buildings. They have received over ninety proposals thus far.

One suggestion was to relocate Parkview to the West Little Rock High School and rename it in light of the school’s construction.

Attending the meeting, Superintendent Jermall Wright reported that the idea received few good comments.

“And from what I’m hearing there’s not a lot of support and there’s not a lot of support today. So, that’s not going to go forward,” said Wright.

He also mentioned that this will be covered in more detail at this week’s board workshop. At the board meeting scheduled for next week, they might have a definitive response.

The development of LRSD’s West High School may be delayed since a new bid exceeded their initial expectations.

Next week, the board is anticipated to decide on that as well.


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