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Things Arkansans ought to know before taking a holiday vacation



Little Rock, Arkansas – An increase in drunk driving is being reported by a local police agency as thousands of Arkansans get ready to hit the road for Christmas.

This is in line with the Arkansas Department of Transportation’s (ARDOT) intention to give Christmas travelers a break from certain construction-related closures.

You’re not the only one who is now arranging your Christmas travel while lounging on your couch. Over 10 million people are anticipated to travel in our area over the holidays, according to AAA. Drivers are being urged to plan by ARDOT and local police departments for this reason.

Spokesman for ARDOT Dave Parker is getting ready for a high volume of Christmas traffic on the highways.

“It’s going to be another busy time,” Parker said. “That’s what the holidays are for.”

Changes will begin on Thursday, and many of the state’s construction project closures will pause to get ready.

“You will not see any full or partial lane closures from Thursday evening, the 21st, through Tuesday afternoon, the 26th,” Parker said.

Over 100 million Americans are anticipated by AAA to drive over the year-end holidays.

ARDOT wants all drivers to arrive at their celebrations safely and with full attention.

“Keep your eye on the road,” Parker said. “Hands off the phone, be smart, take it easy, and get to where you need to get safely.”

Safe driving is also advised by state and local law enforcement, particularly when getting in the automobile after the festivities have ended.

According to Bryant Police Sgt. Todd Crowson, this month has already seen a rise in DWIs in his department.

“The big thing is that we want people to be aware of the drinking and driving,” Crowson said. “We’ve had 11 so far [this month]… It’s the concern anytime, but especially around Christmas time because you have more people out on the road, so you got families out on the road.”

In addition to the potential for safety risks, driving under the influence in Arkansas carries hefty fines and possible jail time.

“Just have designated drivers set aside for that sort of event,” Crowson said. “We want everyone to get home safely.”

Additionally, Bryant police advised not to hesitate to phone them if you witness someone driving recklessly or erratically; it’s better to be safe than sorry.



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