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To support pro-choice, hundreds of Arkansans gather in the state capital for the “March for Life” rally



Little Rock, Arkansas – Numerous anti-choice and anti-abortion demonstrations, including one in the Natural State, gained prominence around the nation. A ‘March for Life’ was organized by a local group and took place at the state capitol.

Hundreds of Arkansans who were walking less than a mile toward the state capitol steps were greeted by Arkansas Right to Life. The founders of the group wanted everyone who came to the demonstration on Sunday to take heed of their message: safeguard children’s lives.

Many in attendance heard arguments against pro-choice from Arkansas Right to Life leadership, despite the bitter cold, signs being held, and applause.

Rose Mimms was one of the presenters. She is one of the group members who stated in front of the audience that an amendment to make access to abortion a constitutional right is now being worked on.

“All Arkansans who want to protect unborn babies and their mothers must take a stand and join us in this fight for their lives,” Mimms said. “Together we can and will make a difference. Decide today to do something and then do it.”

An advocacy organization named Arkansans for Limited Government submitted a third ballot initiative earlier this month to lift the state’s severe abortion prohibition. The plan would create a right to an abortion up until eighteen weeks after conception, and beyond that in situations involving rape, incest, serious fetal abnormalities, or patient life in danger.

Cheryl Bible was one of the rally speakers. She is from Oklahoma, and she spoke about her preference for pro-life for the first time in front of a sizable crowd. Bible stated she was raped when she was sixteen years old. She said that her two twin children would not be alive if she chose to have an abortion.

“No matter what the situation looks like just know that God has your answer,” Bible said. “If he carried me through my situation and pregnancy he will do it for you too.”

The Arkansas Progressive Women of Political Action Committee’s Bettina Brownstein stated on Sunday that the organization will keep advocating for women’s reproductive rights. She stated that they are in favor of giving Arkansans the ability to vote on abortion rights.

“We think it’s a good effort and we’re going to be behind it, we’re going to be helping to get the signatures that are needed and to get it passed if it’s on the ballot,” Brownstein said.

The Supreme Court made a decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case over two years ago. By overturning Roe v. Wade, this ruling would give state legislatures back control over abortion-related matters.

According to Brownstein, women ought to be free to make the decisions that are best for their bodies.

“The government trying to curb the reproductive rights of women is horrible,” she said. “I mean it’s women’s decision, the government shouldn’t be able to dedicate. It leads to terrible outcomes.”

According to Brownstein, the Supreme Court’s decision has had disastrous effects for women throughout the state.

“Right now in emergency rooms in Arkansas and other places doctors are afraid to do what needs to be done for women’s health,” she said.

According to Brownstein, they are waiting on Attorney General Tim Griffin’s judgment on whether or not to start the signature collection process.

Griffin recently refuted the ballot proposal twice. On Arkansans Limited for Government modification, he has not yet made a decision.


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