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As the holiday draws closer, sales of fireworks pick up



Jonesboro, Arkansas – People are determined to get fireworks despite the high temperatures, and they are not letting the heat deter them.

One retailer is beginning to observe a rise in the number of consumers they serve as the Fourth of July holiday draws near.

“You know, starting July 1st through 4th, your sales pick up. I would say it’s been very comparable to most years,” said Jason Manchester, team director of Super Sam’s Fireworks on Highway 1 in Jonesboro.

Manchester claimed that he has worked in the fireworks business on and off for the past twenty years. This year, his crew is doing their best to maintain their calm. He mentioned that he has noticed that clients are also looking for ways to beat the heat.

“A lot of our customers do come in early in the morning. We’re getting open around 7:30, 8:00 in the morning, staying open till at least 11 p.m. or so,” he said.

People continued to come out to shop even though the temperatures were quite high. Manchester and his crew are working hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent for both the workers and the clients.

“We’ve done a really good my staff here keeping fresh air in here with fans and so forth, but the heat has not been a major factor,” he said.

According to Manchester, one of the reasons people are not staying away is because of the offers that are currently being offered. According to Manchester, individuals can get a lot more value for their money these days.

“Fireworks have changed a little bit, they’re a lot bigger. A lot bigger and a lot prettier and things of that nature, prices are still about the same,” he said.

Even if there are innumerable fireworks performances, family outings to watch pyrotechnics continue to be popular, and according to Manchester, the reason why is not hard to guess.

“I love it just to see the excitement on little kids’ faces and families. It’s a good time for families to get together, spend time together, and enjoy watching festivities,” he said.


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