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Church uses art to highlight Black History Month



Jonesboro, Arkansas – A local church held a special arts festival in honor of Black History Month.

To pay tribute to the pioneers who cleared the path for African Americans, the community came together.

Reverend Dr. Charles Coleman had one specific objective in mind for the occasion, which was held in the New St. John Missionary Baptist Church: teaching the next generation about the truths about African American history.

Reverend Charles emphasized that Black history should be honored every day, even though Black History Month is only observed in February.

“Although February is Black History Month, I try to make sure that people know Black history is every day. We need to help young people understand that we are somebody and have always been somebody,” said Dr. Coleman.

There was food, community members, and artwork that highlighted African American history at the celebration.

The church received its special day, and there were guest speakers.

“We joined forces to showcase the arts, including pictures and history so people can walk around and see what really happened. We may have gone unnoticed, but we have always been there,” said Dr. Charles.

In Reverend Charles’ opinion, it was critical to highlight African Americans’ artistic abilities and impart historical knowledge to the next generation.

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