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60 Little Rock veterans get free fresh groceries for families



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – More than 60 local veterans are getting help to feed their families fresh produce and it’s all thanks to a fresh food mobile bus called, Fresh 2 You.

Larry Wilson was one of the many veterans who lined up outside the large bus that transforms into a mobile grocer once a month for veterans. He served in Vietnam, the Cold War and Desert Storm.

“I am not ashamed,” says Wilson. “I’m just glad that programs like this are available.”

He says the transition after the war can sometimes leave soldiers without families to come home to either displaced and/ or in need of basic resources – like food.

fresh fruits and vegetables to areas of central Arkansas that may be considered food deserts.

Together they partner with local grocery stores and the Veterans Day Treatment Center in Little Rock to help local vets get fresh produce.

Joshua Harris started the mobile market and says it’s important to never forget about the men and women who served our country.

“We allow them to pick their own food,” says Harris. “That’s important for many of these men and women.”

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that approximately 239 Arkansas veterans are homeless, according to 2017 published data.

“A lot of us are displaced,” Wilson says. “Like I myself am not from Arkansas. So I really don’t have anyone here. So the VA places like Fresh for You [Fresh 2 You] and the other friendly programs that are here are like my family here.”

Fresh 2 You Mobile Market makes stops all across the state and comes once a month to Little Rock to help distribute free food to Veterans. They provide fresh produce, dairy, meat, and canned goods.

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