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Holiday shoppers hunting down the best deals in town



Jonesboro, Arkansas – On the busiest shopping day of the year, sons and daughters congregated in Jonesboro on Friday to purchase for their mother.

Black Friday customers were searching for the finest discounts in town, and the parking lot was completely packed. Not a single place was visible. Shoppers from all over the Northeast congregated at The Uptown on November 24 to browse boutiques like Gearhead Outfitters, The Refinery, Hollywood Feed, GH Express, Buckle, SteamRoller Blues, and Maurice’s.

A few youthful customers expressed their desire to start their holiday shopping early. Jonesboro resident Rori Dunlap visited Steam Roller Blues, “one of her favorite stores in town.” She claimed to have purchased something for a special someone.

“I’m Christmas shopping for my mom,” Dunlap said.

Mason Mullen and Billy Morris, who live in Manila, went to Jonesboro to take advantage of the sales. Morris claimed that he was out shopping for his mother as well.

“Trying not to spend that much money,” Morris said. “That’s what I’m trying to do.”

According to Mullen, the two went to DNW Outdoors and then The Uptown. He reported having a great day shopping in Jonesboro.

“I stopped by Gearhead, and they had a couple of sales over there,” Mullen said. “[Had to] hit them up.”

Because it was Small Business Saturday, a few employees of the stores said that they would carry over their holiday sales into the next day.





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