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In honor of the War Memorial, Corvettes and Veterans conduct the first automobile show



Little Rock, Aransas – The inaugural Corvettes and Veterans Car Show at War Memorial brought together a number of organizations to honor the stadium, veterans, and other subjects.

the 70th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette, which is named after a military aircraft that dates back to the 1670s, and the 75th anniversary of War Memorial Stadium.

“Organizations from around the community participated. I know you can hear in the background some of those pipes sounding off. And that’s what you heard and saw all day. All these beautiful shiny cars,” A-State Corvette Association, President Jason Irby said.

The lot was lined with a variety of new and vintage Corvettes, along with food trucks, displays, a parade, and a Salute and Ceremony.

The ‘Be the One’ organization for veterans and War Memorial Stadium benefited from the proceeds of the automobile display, which attracted other auto aficionados.

“Look out for our veterans. They’ve looked out for us, so we want to look out for them. If there’s something you can do. Any little, small thing please do what you can. Everyone can’t do large things, but any little thing and every little thing counts so react our to your veterans,” Irby said.

An Air Force veteran talked about how important it is to observe Veteran’s Day.

“Veterans day it’s a solemn day. You’re recognizing veterans but it’s also an uplifting day. Recognizing veterans for their service. Thanking veterans for their service. It’s an uplifting day and it’s a day to celebrate the military history, your veterans and to thank them for their service,” Jacksonville Museum of Military History, Assistant Director, Kevin Gray said.

The event’s organizers said they hope to expand it in the upcoming years.


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