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New year brings new rides and attractions for the 83rd Arkansas State Fair



Little Rock, Arkansas – At the 83rd Arkansas State Fair, there are new rides and attractions every year.

There will be six new rides at the fair this year, according to Dan Sawyer, Senior Director of Agency GWL, who noted that every year people inquire about the rides that will be available.

A double-decker carousel and the teacup ride are two of the new thrills that Sawyer said are suitable for families.

Sawyer noted that the Arkansas State Fair was fortunate to have the double-decker carousel this year for everyone to enjoy. It is one of only four in the country.

Sawyer noted that the Outlaw and the X-Drive are two additional rides that the fair has added if you’re looking for more of a thrill.

“We have a great carnival company,” said Sawyer. “It is North American Midway and they are one of the top carnival companies in North America and we challenge them every year with bringing new rides, new attractions, new games so our fair-goers have something new to look for. The X-Drive came straight from Holland. It is an unbelievable ride and it is one of the top thrill rides in the country.”

This year’s new attractions include a high dive performance, camel rides, and an exhibit featuring animals from Australia.

Sawyer stated that they are constantly seeking methods to make the fair better.

“We are always looking for that next best thing,” said Sawyer. “We are always looking for the next greatest food invention, fried something. We are always updating our carnival rides and I think our entertainment on the Main Stage just keeps improving every year, so that is something we are definitely looking to improve upon as well.”

The fair gates open every day of the week at 11 a.m. until Sunday, October 22, the concluding day.


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