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Pharmacist describes the COVID-19 immunization recommendations



Bono, Arkansas – As diseases, such as COVID-19, spread throughout Region 8, you may be wondering what the most recent vaccine recommendations are.

You should receive at least one dose of the new COVID-19 vaccine, which was released in the fall of 2023, according to the most recent CDC guidelines. Dylan Dulaney, a pharmacist at Bono Family Pharmacy, advised that if you have received that updated vaccine, it is all you need at this time.

“Currently, the guidelines are to get the updated COVID vaccine, but the schedule of the next one is still undetermined,” Dulaney said. “It may be annually; it may be every couple of years. No one knows yet.”

If you haven’t had a current COVID vaccination, Dulaney advises doing so.

The greatest self-care for COVID-19, he said, is to be hydrated with electrolytes, take vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc into consideration, and take it easy.


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